Image Processing Services, Image Recognition, Object Detection

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April 29, 2014
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April 25, 2014

Image Processing Services, Image Recognition, Object Detection



Image Processing Services

Talee offers Programming and Software Development Services related to Digital Image Processing, Image Analysis, Image Recognition, Image Enhancement and Computer Vision.

We specialize in developing software for organizations that incorporate our work into their product offerings, marketed under their own company or brand name.

Applicable Industries: Life Sciences Research, Biological Image analysis, Semiconductor Inspection, Machine Vision, Computer Vision, Video Capturing, Video Streaming, Digital Image Management, Document Imaging, Digital Image Manipulation, Image Identification, Face Recognition, Forensic imaging, Surveillance and Monitoring System, Radiology, Medical Imaging, Image Matching, Pattern Recognition and more.

Programming expertise: C#, VC++, VB, MFC, ATL, STL, WIN32, GDI+, SQL Server, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, AJAX, DHTML, Image Processing, 2-D and 3-D vector graphics, DICOM, ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick, OpenCV, MATLAB, OpenGL, DirectX, DirectShow.

We offer variety of software solutions for image processing. We have expert experience in visual inspection, recognition, monitoring, and more as we keep challenging. We can develop wide range of software from image and equipment control tools to GUI.

Our skills of image processing is applicable to any industry use, such as medical, electron microscope, factory machinery, etc.

Examples of our expertise:

● Extraction of Measurements and Meaningful information from digital images.
● Tools for identifying and analyzing bacterial colonies in a Petri dish.
● Automated system for scanning a sample from a microscope slide to recognize and identify cellular debris.
● Object Recognition - Find objects in digital images or 3D scene.
● Image Recognition and Tracking based on 3D TOF Range Camera.
● Software components used for the Measurements and Analysis of the inter-vertebral motion of the spine.
● DNA Micro Array Image Analysis.
● Archival and Diagnostic Review Software for a Dental X-ray application.
● Solar panels feasibility tool that calculates the sunlight on a rooftop based on obstacles observed in pictures taken with a fisheye lens and sun-path-chart.
● Enhancements and Annotation of images -- Add new quality to existing images.
● Tools that lets the user modify or annotate the images.
● Image Archival and Retrieval system.
● Electronic Signatures & Records to comply with 21 CFR Part 11.
● Image archival and retrieval system to review and analyze defects in semiconductor production to improve yields.
● Tracking the history of images.
● Software related to: Media Capturing, Conversion & Rendering and Custom DirectShow Filters.
● Industrial systems or robots that obtain information from video cameras.

Recognize, count, measure, track and analyze objects in video and photos

We develop the specialized software needed for practical ComputerVision solutions based on your specific use-case and challenges.

● Inspection and measurement tools
● Counting applications that quantify objects in videos and photos (e.g. parts, cars, people, metal sheets, pills, grain, birds, ...)
● Measurements taken from video or photo images
● Motion tracking and analysis
● Extracting and analyzing statistical data from video
● Measurements and 3D scanning using specialized methods such as stereoscopy and structured-light 3D scanning

Automatically Analyze and Alter Digital Images and Video

We develop custom image processing software for specialized tasks.

● Finding useful information in photos and video
● Counting, measuring and analyzing objects in images and videos
● Automating video and photo analysis and modification using predefined rules and dynamic data
● Creating and manipulating video, graphics and images
● Automate rules-based editing of photos or videos according to your unique needs

Recognize, extract and analyze objects from photos and video

We develop custom software that identifies objects in photos and videos

● Finding objects in digital images, photos and videos
● Searching by image - using images as search criteria
● Counting and measuring applications (parts, cars, people, metal sheets, pills, grain, birds, ...)
● Tracking moving objects in video
● Facial recognition, head tracking, face tracking and analysis, Human Action Recognition
● Video Content Analysis

Scan physical objects into editable 3D assets

We develop custom computer graphics software to meet your specific needs.

● 3D scanning and rendering of people and objects
● Specialized 3D CAD software
● Creating 3D models from point-cloud data
● 3D reconstruction from multiple photos taken with a regular 2D camera
● Processing image-distance data from depth cameras like TOF and Kinect (e.g. stitching multiple point clouds, background removals, ...)
● Automated recognition and measurement of 3D objects

Make specialized design and engineering tasks fast and easy

We develop custom computer-aided design software for engineers, scientists, doctors and other highly skilled professionals whose needs are not satisfied with off-the-shelf CAD programs.

Specialized software for the design tasks your work demands

Deliver specialty designs faster with custom CAD applications

The more specialized your design task, the less likely it is that an off-the-shelf CAD program will meet your needs. We capture the deep expertise of your specialty to create custom CAD applications that make it easier for you to deliver higher quality results in less time.

We transform your expertise and design rules into user-friendly CAD software

Working together closely, we capture the knowledge required to fulfill your tasks. We apply our expertise in advanced mathematics, algorithms and user-experience design to create powerful software that’s easy to use as well.

Interpret video and image content based on learning from sample data

Machine Learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that builds systems which can learn from data. These systems can adapt to real-world usage and perform better than classic systems in many situations.

Recent advances in Machine Learning technology allows us to extract features embedded in images or videos and use them as input parameters for machine learning algorithms. These algorithms learn from the input parameters and make assessments, classifications, identifications, decisions or predictions.

During this learning process, a human trainer tags areas within multiple images and labels them according to his or her needs and goals.

Based on mathematical and statistical analysis, the software creates a learning database it can use later to label objects in a new set of images. This labeling, also known as recognition reflects the statistical likelihood that a given visual element has matched a label in the learning database.

This learning process is useful for cases where the appearance of the features is not an exact match to a reference image even after the images have been processed and normalized.

On the other hand, recognition of exact matches after normalization does not require Machine Learning.

Machine Learning can identify objects in one specific image or recognize actions based on changes in the object's state over time.

The combination of learning algorithms, and features to be extracted, and the dataset used for learning is important to achieve the desired results because each type of classification can require its own features to be extracted and its own images for training.

For example, a system can learn to identify dogs and differentiate them from cats. Or, classify dogs by breed such as Chihuahua, Bulldog or Poodle. Or classify dogs and cats as four-legged animals. Or identify an individual dog.

We create practical ComputerVision applications using the latest research and breakthroughs in Machine Learning.